Japanese Lacquer Art Studio of Yoshita-Kasyou
                    【Corporate Profile of Yoshita Incorporated Company】

We engage in production and wholesale of lacquered tea-ceremony utensils using gold or silver lacquer decoration techniques in Yamanaka-onsen Hot Springs in Kaga City.
Our “Yoshita-Kasyou's tea-ceremony utensils” has established its unique style in the field of lacquer art by combining traditional techniques with flexible sensitivity, and has enjoyed strong support from many experts and fanciers in the tea ceremony.

Furthermore, we developed lacquered tableware products “Urushi-kenko® Series” finished with silver aventurine lacquer, which is our unique technique called Gin’nashiji-kako” (Utility Model Registration Application No. 3108706) that we have acquired from production of tea-ceremony utensils.
The remarkable tableware created as joint result of lacquer and silver have a very good design and functionality.
Those products are mainly used as a gift and the amount of orders is increasing.

Key members supporting our company are young craftsmen aged 30 to 40 years.
They love lacquer and spend their time studying and challenging to develop their lacquering skills.

To make customers feel more familiar with tableware created by our craftsman group, we will try to develop products that they can talk about casually in daily life.

* What is “Urushi-kenko (lacquer health)”?
From ancient times, it has been said that lacquer and silver are good for health.
Our unique Gin’nashiji-kako technique using a lot of lacquer and silver proved that it had antibacterial power in an antibacterial test conducted by a public agency.
In addition, we have the honest desire to create best products as craftsmen, “praying for users’ good health”.
Thus, we named lacquer and silver products manufactured in our studio “Urushi-kenko® Series”.
“Urushi-kenko” has been registered as a trademark.

Company name
Yoshita Incorporated Company
(Studio name: Japanese Lacquer Art Studio of Yoshita-Kasyou)
Ro-360, Yamanakaonsen Hasedamachi, Kaga-shi, Ishikawa 922-0103 Japan


Tel: +81-761-78-0738
Fax: +81-761-78-8738
Website: http://www.kasyoustudio.co.jp
Name of representative
Toshiaki Yoshita, President
(Artist’s signed name: Kasyou Yoshita)
Akira Yoshita, Director
Date of foundation
August 5, 1986
3 million yen

Business content

■Production and sales of lacquered tea-ceremony utensils
■Production and sales of lacquered tableware and accessories
■Gold or silver lacquer decoration of base material, including wood
■Other operations incidental to the above items
Number of employees

* We are very sorry.
 In our Company, there is not the staff who can speak anything other than Japanese.




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